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EU Myth Busters

TOP 10 EU Myth Busters

Compiled from the most frequently encountered concerns by the public in the last four months:

I’ve got a house in Spain
Any country in the EU has to respect the property rights of overseas owners regardless of their nationality. This is covered by the United Nations universal declaration of human rights and the European convention of human rghts.
The British have owned property in Europe long before the EU came along and similarly many EU nationals own property in the U.K. In or out of the EU changes nothing in this respect.
Spain does very nicely out of the British buying property there and they will doubtless continue to actively encourage it.

I take the EHIC card when I travel abroad

This card only covers healthcare which is normally covered by statutory health care in the visited country and the level of cover will therefore vary from country to country. British citizens traveling abroad invariably take out their own travel insurance anyway in order to receive health comparable to the NHS. Recently published figures from the Department of Health show that we paid £674 million out for treating Brits abroad whilst only receiving £50 million for treating European citizens in the U.K. Not a good deal for the NHS. The EHIC will likely continue after Brexit but needs to be renegotiated in a more balanced form so that the NHS receives due payment for the services it renders to nationals of EU states.
My husband works for a French bank
British people have lived and worked on the continent long before the EU and that will continue if Britain leaves the EU. Read more

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