Interesting times

Will the European Union last?


Historian and television presenter Dr David Starkey says that history will see Britain as either displaying an “unusual prescience” for voting to leave the European Union, or as the “first rat to leave the sinking ship”.

4 minute short clip from Westminster Hour BBC radio 4 

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Just a reminder on what we voted for

What the British people will be voting for is to leave the EU and the single market.

So hard Brexit was put up before Referendum

With the Royal Prerogative being used to force through every new treaty welding us even tighter to the EU, there’s no way the RP can’t be used to get us out! Whichever pathetic argument the Remoaners come up with, there’s an answer, which doesn’t suit the media as they like to keep the pot on the boil. These Remoaners can be easily demolished, but you won’t see it on TV or in the papers, or from the crooks in Westminster! ATB Phil.

The fight should be quite easy, we just need somebody to stand up for the 17 million and to circumvent the media!

Hopefully this is where UKIP plays their roll.

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