FTSE 100 index reached its highest level

London shares hit year’s high at end of 2016 trading

What happened to the Doom and Gloom

FTSE-100The move upwards was tiny – 22.5 points or 0.32% – but it left the FTSE at an unprecedented 7,142.83.
The last trading day of the calendar year in London is a short one, with dealings ending at 12:30 GMT.
Among the top 100 companies, there were no major daily moves. Rolls-Royce was the biggest faller, notching up a decline of 1.47%.
Oil ended in London flat, with Brent at $56.67 a barrel. The commodity has almost doubled from this year’s low of $30 a barrel.
Oil has gained 53% since the start of the year, the biggest annual rise since 2009, with the promise of production curbs from major oil-producing countries giving a late surge to the price.
Sterling influence
Mining companies have largely been winning investments, in sterling terms, with many gaining about 30% over the year.
The FTSE 100 has benefited from the fall in the pound since the Leave vote, because the many international companies whose shares are traded in the UK tend to benefit from it.
Profits earned abroad by multinationals such as drugs giant GlaxoSmithKline and major mining companies are worth more when converted into sterling.
That makes a company’s shares appear better value when compared with the higher profits it will make, prompting a revaluation of the stock.

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Results of the NEC elections

Results of the NEC elections

pauloakdenToday we have concluded the count of your votes to determine which NEC candidates have been elected to represent you on the National Executive Committee.

There were seven places on the NEC up for grabs and 90 candidates stood.

The successful seven candidates are below:

Steve Crowther  – 3,650 votes
Katie Fanning     – 2,387 votes
Fiona Mills          – 2,148 votes
Mick McGough    – 2,090 votes
Piers Wauchope – 2,045 votes
Paul Oakley        – 2,038 votes
Anish Patel         – 1,949 votes

You can see the full results of the NEC election below:

Crowther, Steve  3,650  ELECTED
Fanning, Katie  2,387  ELECTED
Mills, Fiona  2,148  ELECTED
McGough, Mick  2,090  ELECTED
Wauchope, Piers  2,045  ELECTED
Oakley, Paul  2,038  ELECTED
Patel, Anish  1,949  ELECTED
Walters, Paula  1,600
Moncreiff, Andrew  1,550
Bryant Patricia  1,525
Waters, Ryan  1,524
McWhirter, Rob  1,507
Garbutt, Nathan  1,497
Arnott, Simon  1,473
Craig, Alan  1,469
Konstantinidis, George  1,458
Love, Alan  1,422
Griffiths, Peter  1,294
Wilks, Liz  1,253
Walker, Calum  1,128
Graves, Alan  1,085
Watson, Neville  1,070
Bullen, Paul  1,069
Eckersley, Phil  1,042
Cottam, Harry  1,017
Saunders, Jim  1,016
Bhati, Anil  971
McIntyre, Tony  967
Durrance, Terry  939
Stone, Alan  904
Gee, Mick  871
Walker, David  864
Shakesby, Malcolm  861
Hilton, Richard  838
Bryant, Robert  818
Fairweather, Sebastian  816
Boosey, Chris  806
Mendes, Chris  806
Harris, Peter  799
Main-Ian, William  786
Bingley, Richard  780
Rose, Kim  773
Gurney, John  740
Nicholson, Colin  701
Allum, David  667
Gravett, Roger  642
Chapman, Kalvin  631
Barker, Granville  612
Hornby, Sean  607
Morgan, Aden  598
Harris, Lee  572
Williams, Alun  561
Hickling, Paul  559
Burriss, Rhys  547
Van Der Elst, Anthony  540
Speakman, Mike  526
Smyth, Joseph  498
Pepper, Sid  487
Muswell, Pete  481
Hirst, David  459
White, Allan  444
Nieora, Alex  424
Conway, Jon  414
Lee, Brian  408
Wylde, Patrick  408
Davies, Gordon  406
Williams, Gareth  405
Martin, Seamus  394
Harris, Leonard  389
Dent, Mark  378
Sussman, Nigel  355
Forrest, Ben  354
Appleby, Barry  353
Allen, David  349
Moore, Philip  342
Gravett, Gerald  309
Edwards, Phil  305
Childs, Mark  300
Powlesland, Aidan  298
Robinson, Gerry  298
Odgers, Duncan  278
Gough, Mark  257
Allen, Edwin  252
Rumble, Michael  250
Edwards, Stan  238
Pye, Michael  218
Egan, Clive  201
Meacock, David  197
Jordan, Jeremy  166






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