The Labour Euro-Safeguards Campaign

The statement below may seem strange coming from the Labour Party but, we at UKIP should remember many Labour supporters voted to Leave the EU

The Labour Euro-Safeguards Campaign (LESC)  believes it has not been in Britain’s long-term interest to be a member of the European Union and, for that reason, supports an “in or out” referendum on Britain’s membership.

Below is an excerpt from the article by (LESC)

1. Where is Labour strategy on Brexit at the moment?

The Labour Party is evidently in a difficult position on Brexit. It has a large majority of MPs who strongly supported Remain in the June 2016 June referendum as was the case with many – although certainly not all – party members. Much of the electorate on whose support Labour depends, however, was strongly in favour of Leave.  In the constituencies which had Labour MPs at the time of the referendum, 70% had Leave majorities.  If Remain strongholds in London and one or two other metropolitan areas are excluded, that ratio rises to about 90%. Of the 9.3m people who voted Labour in the 2015 general election, just under 3.5 million of them are believed to have voted Leave in the referendum and a recent poll indicated that half of these people are now not inclined to vote Labour in future, at least partly because they believe that the Party’s view on the EU are so far out of kilter with theirs. Labour also has a problem, however Read more or down load PDF here:

More Money For NHS

More Money For NHS, NOT The Solution!
A letter the Kent Messenger won’t publish

Getting letters published is an excellent way of spreading the word – we encourage everyone to do the same.


Phil writer ukip member

Phil Granger

Dear Sir/Madam,
Just how many more times is it necessary to reiterate the message that the NHS is NOT underfunded; just wastefully run, badly managed and haemorrhaging billions. They may as well just burn money to keep the hospitals warm! [KM Letters]
MPs and NHS management have managed to elevate the NHS to ‘sacred cow’ status, which they believe puts it above criticism and any form of close scrutiny and so the ‘bottomless pit’ syndrome continues!
Recent official figures have highlighted the high cost of ‘Health Tourism’, the hundreds of millions in wasted drugs, the £700 million on temporary staff, equipment bought at top prices, unecessary operations, fat pensions and rewards for failure, etc., etc.,  – they’re even recruiting ambulance drivers from Australia.
It doesn’t take much digging to unearth billions of pounds in waste, such as hospitals built on PFI costing some ten times the original cost. [PFI is like a mortgage!] Nobody seems to have the guts to tell the truth about the appalling state of the NHS, or to halt
the gravy train of waste.
Yours faithfully

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