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Letter published in the Kent on Sunday.

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25th February 2017

Colin Bullen



Dear Sir,

The series of demonstrations aimed at President Trump clearly illustrate just how arrogant and undemocratic are those on the liberal and hard left. They refuse to accept the results of democratic votes in both the UK and the USA, and continue to pretend that any results which do not accord with their prejudices are somehow invalid.

Those who voted for Brexit did not do so because they were uninformed or unintelligent, but because they had tired of rule by the bureaucratic dictatorship of Brussels, while the American electorate rejected Hillary Clinton, a product of the liberal elite, in favour of someone who put patriotism, and concern for the less well off of their countrymen, before the worship of globalisation. Those who claim that, as President Trump did not win the popular vote, his victory is illegitimate, ignore the fact that the electoral college is the method by which all American presidents have been elected and that, just as in this country, those living in areas heavily weighted in favour of a particular candidate may not bother to vote, which they may well have done if they knew that the result was determined by a straight headcount.

These people seek to silence anyone who disagrees with them and, if successful, would destroy democracy throughout the Western world.

Yours faithfully,




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Any normal person, if presented with a mountain of evidence proving that something they had believed was actually untrue would admit they were mistaken, or at least follow Clement

Attlee’s sage advice to indulge in a period of silence. Of course such rational behaviour does not occur to the parasites of our political class, their supporters in the media and the armies of bureaucrats and lawyers who are facing the fact that their ride on the EU gravy train, which they thought would go on forever, is about to end.

The number of good news stories being generated by Brexit Britain is almost embarrassing for those of us who have always advocated breaking with Brussels, as even we did not expect the avalanche of positive results which have followed so quickly upon the

decision of the British people to reject membership of the EU, although we always knew

that in the end it would prove to be a roaring success.

In recent times we have seen the International Monetary Fund, whose leader Christine Lagarde said that our prospects outside the EU would be ‘pretty bad to very, very bad’ has been forced to admit that Britain now has the fastest growing major economy in the developed world, beating the USA, Japan, Canada, Germany, France and Italy, while it has upgraded our growth

forecast for 2017 to 1.5 per cent, a 0.4 per cent increase on their previous assessment, the largest upgrade for any nation it covers. Despite these admissions the IMF director of research, Maury Obstfeld, took it upon himself to warn that the long term effects of Brexit were likely to be negative! Do these idiots never learn?

The Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, an enthusiastic supporter of ‘Project

Fear’ in the run up to the referendum, now says that the flexibility and dynamism of the British economy will lead to new opportunities for trading with the rest of the world. The Bank raised its growth forecasts for 2017 from 0.8 per cent to 1.4 per cent and Carney conceded that the immediate risks around Brexit have gone. Of course any truly patriotic government would have sacked this public servant for his egregious interventions on

the side of the Remainers but neither of the two. To read more click on the  link to the below.

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