The PC nonsense was created by the Left

Letter published in the Express.

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Phil Granger

Dear Sir/Madam,
The only way the PC madness, going from strength to strength and madness to lunacy, will make greater inroads, is if we all take the cowards way out and don’t resist it! [Express 7/03]
The PC nonsense was created by the Left to take the moral high ground and impose their will on those who think differently from them. It was made so they could close down discussion on any subject just by using childish playground taunts, instead of reasoned argument, of which they have none!
We mustn’t let them get away with it if we are to protect free speech in this country and protect ourselves from being taken over by these mad people!
Yours faithfully

interesting economic – political analysis from Capital & Conflict

Email from Michael Jerrom covering some interesting topics 

Mike Jerrom

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I attach some interesting economic/political analysis from Capital & Conflict, which you may like to add to your sources, if you are not already on to it.
The more I read, the more the nuclear option appeals – just walk away from the talks, wearing our free trade badge!
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