Despite being a non Jew and one with only a few Jewish acquaintances


Letter published in the Catholic Times

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16th February 2017

Colin Bullen

Dear Sir,

Despite being a non Jew, and one with only a few Jewish acquaintances, I very much agree with the letter by Stephanie Jefford concerning anti Semitism. Those that my priest describes as the Holy Jewish people have been mercilessly persecuted and murdered for centuries, based upon either nonsensical Biblical justifications, or ridiculous conspiracy theories, the propagation of which continue to this day.

In the Middle Ages Jews were often forbidden to follow any trade except usury, and then condemned for doing so, while in our own age they have frequently suffered at the hands of those who assert that they should not be allowed to live in non Jewish countries, despite the fact that they have always been overwhelmingly hard working, law abiding and patriotic. When they have taken them at their word, and established their own state in the land from which they came, they are constantly attacked by those who justify their actions by claiming a deep and abiding sympathy for the Palestinians. While this may be true of a few I suspect that it is mainly crocodile tears by those who would always seek to persecute Jews based upon the age old prejudices. If Israel had never been created one can be sure that such people would have found other reasons to express their hateful views.

The Jewish people have proved themselves to be valiant and have established the only functioning democracy in the Middle East. They deserve our support and, as Ms Jefford says, Catholics, and indeed all Christians, have a duty to oppose anti Semitism in this country and abroad.

Yours faithfully,

May’s Dither And Delay!

Letter sent to the Express on 20th February 2017

Getting letters published is an excellent way of spreading the word – we encourage everyone to do the same.

Phil writer ukip member

Phil Granger

Dear Sir/Madam,
Now we see the folly of Theresa May’s dither and delay! [ Express 20/02]
First we had Gina Miller’s new found interest in sovereignty, although it was OK when the EU had taken it!
Then we had the perma-tanned poser Blair, creep out of the woodwork to tell us we were mad to vote to get our fishing, Law, democracy, sovereignty, country, etc., back from the EU!
Now we have the cronies in the grace-and-favour Lords, who also want to kill off democracy, prove no means yes and sell us into EU slavery!
Who amongst the gutless ‘great pretenders’ in Westminster are going to stand up for the people who voted them into power???
Yours faithfully,

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