Immigration to the UK at a record high

UKIP leader Paul Nuttall said the figures “just go to show that you can’t trust the Tories to bring down immigration”.

Paul NutallPaul added: “This is an abject failure, not just by the Government in general but by the Prime Minister in particular.”

Immigration to the UK has also risen to a record level with 650,000 migrants in the year to June.
Net migration from the EU was the highest figure on record with the number standing at 189,000.
For the first time, Romania tops the list for the country with the most number of migrants to the UK – with 54,000 people coming to live in Britain.

Nicola White, head of international migration statistics at the ONS, said it was “too early to say what effect, if any the EU referendum has had on long-term international migration.”


Can we trust the Conservative Government on immigration
Amber Rudd “Work permits for EU citizens certainly has value.”


Criminal UK asylum

Migrant Smuggling Suspects into the UK, Applies For UK Asylum

Jamal Owda is fighting against extradition to Greece after a report warns of deep-rooted problems of violence in Greek prisons.
A Palestinian accused of smuggling thousands of Syrian migrants into Europe has applied for asylum in the UK.
Jamal Owda was arrested in Liverpool in December as part of raids across Europe – including in Greece, Austria and Sweden – in which 23 suspects were held.
Authorities maintain the criminal operation, which may have netted up to £7m, was co-ordinated in Greece, and officials want the 26-year-old to be extradited so he can stand trial in Athens.
Seems to me for a case for the European Arrest Warrant, If this guy was a British citizen his feet would not touch the ground.
At a hearing at Westminster Magistrates’ Court, Owda’s lawyer argued that conditions in Greek prisons are such that his right to life would be threatened under the European Read more

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