John Hurst is spouting absolute nonsense about Brexit

Letter published in the Times of Tonbridge

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21st December 2016

Colin Bullen

Dear Sir,

Your correspondent John Hurst is spouting absolute nonsense about Brexit, as the electorate has decided to leave the dysfunctional EU just in time, before the failure of the Italian banks and the reawakening of the migrant crisis propel the organisation towards its well deserved collapse. The vote on the 23rd June was not, as Mr Hurst describes it, a coup, but a democratic vote in which the ordinary people faced down the arrogant liberal elite to demand their country back.

President Trump will not be in charge of our votes at the UN, anymore than Barack Obama has been, and the welcome given to the restoration of British independence by our real friends around the world shows how bright our future outside this protectionist and demographically declining bloc will be.

Those of us who worked for the Leave campaign are not, as Mr Hurst asserts, headbangers, but democrats who wish to put an end to the gravy train of the politicians, bureaucrats and bankers who have profited at the expense of the working people.

Yours faithfully,