immediate halt to EU immigration

Article by Simon Heffe in the Telegraph

Getting letters published is an excellent way of spreading the word

Mike Jerrom

Mike Jerrom’s keen eyes spotted this great article in the Telegraph 15-1-2017 and sent in a pdf. To view or read PDF Click Here:

Janet Daly and Simon Heffer are two of the journalists who make the Sunday Telegraph such a cracking good read – basic, down to earth comments, written in good, terse and witty English.

Heffer`s conclusion about the “joke” deal served up to Cameron is spot on.  His attempt to sell such “snake oil” to the British public confirms my long-held view that he was always unfit for high office.  With the exception of a hard core of global elitists and activists for LBT on Granary “sandwiches” – disproportionately served up in all BBC soaps and sitcoms, I believe most people take the same view.  Either Cameron did not know

it was a bum steer or he was verging on the fraudulent.

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