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21st October 2016

Colin Bullen

Colin Bullen

Dear Sir,

Roy Bullock’s support for Brexit is welcome but I fear that he is too sanguine about the attitude likely to be taken by parliamentarians. Over recent decades we have seen the creation of what amounts to a modern version of the Roman Republic’s cursus honorum, where members of the elite moved up the ladder of political power, from Quaestor to Consul, a system which endured until undermined by the machinations of Marius and Sulla, thus paving the way for the Caesars. Now we see a similar oligarchy in Westminster where so many in parliament move from student politics to become political assistants, then political advisors, before receiving their reward as MPs or MEPs, without ever working in the real world inhabited by those they claim to represent. In this they have much more in common with their fellow continental politicians than they do with the ordinary British voter.

The sad truth is that the professional politicians can no more be trusted to vote to implement Brexit than turkeys could be expected to vote for Christmas. If we free ourselves from the EU then they will no longer be able to look forward to the culmination of their careers being a very well paid sinecure in the European parliament, or its overweening bureaucracy, while, in their time as MPs, they would not be able to hide behind the excuse that they cannot do what their constituents wish, as the executive competence has passed to Brussels. As far as the Lords are concerned, despite the presence of some doughty fighters for British independence, such as Lord Stoddart of Swindon, too many are the relics of the era of Heath and Wilson, whose unwavering support for Brussels eclipses any consideration of the interests, or the wishes of the British people.

In truth we face the uncomfortable fact that the clearly expressed desire of the people may yet be negated by the manoeuvrings of those supposedly representing them, but who will put their self interest first. This could lead to a constitutional crisis and it is clear that the battle for freedom is far from over.

Yours faithfully,

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