Pro EU propaganda was rife

Article by Colin Bullen Taken from :The Euro Realist Bulletin

Colin Bullen

Colin Bullen

In the weeks since the triumph of the 23rd June we have seen how most of the threats made by our opponents have proved to be lies, just how little they know of the true nature of the EU and the extent to which they lack any sort of understanding of the meaning of democracy.
Many of the comments made illustrate both a refusal to accept a democratic decision, and a desire to perpetuate myths about the supposed benign aspects of the European project.
For example claims that our schools failed to teach anything positive about the organisation are risible when those of us who sought to ensure that a balanced view was presented to children were rebuffed, while relentless pro EU propaganda was rife. Also ridiculous are statements that leaving the EU means that we shall be isolated, when in fact we have left a declining and doomed grouping of 28 countries to rejoin the 168 which are not members, including the Commonwealth and the Anglosphere.

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