Kent By-Election Team

Shepway By-Election

The recently formed Kent By-Election Team set up by Piers Wauchope and Colin Nicholson campaigning with local activists below.


On Friday evening we had eight of us out which was good. Yesterday we had thirteen of us out and spoke to 353 doors which means we probably knocked around 700 doors. We picked up 119 pledges (33%). This is what we can achieve when we go out in force and we are organised.

Overall we have now spoken to 45% of the ward and need to speak to another 700 to get to 75% spoken to. We are knocking on 500 doors today.
If you haven’t been down to Shepway yet, please come along and help the team. We are 11 days from polling day.


Please come down to Shepway and help


To get involved please contact

Colin Nicholson by email:Click Here:

We have our own dream and our own task

Letter published in the Kent on Sunday

Getting letters published is an excellent way of spreading the word – we encourage everyone to do the same.

Phil writer ukip member

Phil Granger

Dear Sir/Madam,
Sadly, Ray Duff will plumb any depths to make himself right, a good old ‘flat earther’! [ KoS 21/08] He thinks this country just isn’t good enough!
Firstly, Churchill actually said, ” We have our own dream and our own task. We are with Europe, but not of it, we are linked, but not combined. We are interested and associated, but not absorbed. If Britain must choose between Europe and the open sea,she must always choose the open sea.” House of Commons May 11th 1953.
Secondly, what ‘austerity’? Does he mean the MPs 11% rise, the £52 billion for HS2, Over 800 Lords on £300/day +expenses, Quangocrats on £1/4 million for a 3 day week, while they refuse to stop the £30-40 billion in tax avoidance, don’t stop the hundreds of billions in waste in the NHS, MoD, Quangos and other NGOs, etc.,etc., while punishing the sick and disabled and our National debt rises to £1.6 trillion? [that’s 11 ‘0’s]
Remaining tied to Europe we’d be heading exactly where Greece has ended up, where Spain, Portugal, France and the rest are going, with high youth unemployment, stagnation and crippling debt. Over 2 million coming here to work from the EU, speaks volumes!
After a hiccup caused by Carney, Osborne and Cameron talking down our country,like Ray Duff, Brexit has proved to be the wise course! The world offering 10 times our trade with the EU, small businesses borrowing an unprecedented £20 billion this month, with the ‘dead hand’ of EU regulation going, economy growing at 0.6%, large companies investing more in GB, etc., etc.! What’s not to like? Pity the EU is unable to do the same!
Yours faithfully

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