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31 July 2016

Phil writer ukip member

Phil Granger

Dear Sir/Madam,
Oh dear, the ‘Remoaners’ are still throwing their toys out of the pram!
[KoS Letters 24/07]
Going by the gospel according to Dr Hodges, most of our General Elections have not been democratic and led to dictatorships, as parties has been elected on less than 40% of the vote!
I’m trying to imagine if the vote had been exactly reversed, whether the ‘Remoaners’ would be claiming it was unfair, should be rerun, they would be dictating to the other half, etc., etc.? More chance of the Pope getting married!
Dr. Hodges is living in a dream world if he thinks we can negotiate with the people who sat stoney faced through Nigel Farage’s attempts to return them to sanity. Who found difficulty even agreeing to Dilettante Dave’s minor alterations! Who sat back and watched Greece crumble, steadfastly refusing to admit defeat on the Euro! Who watched the appalling problems created by Shenegen, as their indigenous populations suffered and even died for their madness! Who ensured that GB didn’t have any effect over the last 75 EU votes and was ignored on most issues, as Merkel and Hollande run the show, Some democracy that Dr. Hodges thinks is so precious!!
Yours faithfully

We won


Article by Colin Bullen Taken from :The Euro Realist Bulletin

ColinBullenWe won! After all the lies, the sneers, the threats, the interference from Cameron’s foreign mates, the childish warnings from Osborne, the years of being brushed aside, called racists, morons, xenophobes and stupid we have triumphed over the arrogant political establishment and the vacuous celebrities, pampered luvvies and self interested, overpaid denizens of boardrooms.

The fight is not yet over as the days ahead will require us to defeat the Scottish harridan, the metropolitan liberals, and the propagandists of the BBC. Many of those who voted to remain in the EU are behaving like spoilt children who, when they cannot get they own way, throw a tantrum and shout about it not being fair, although it is perhaps not surprising that anyone who supports the undemocratic rule of Brussels bureaucrats should have only contempt for the democratic decision of the British people.

This was a victory for those whom the politicians have patronised as hard working families but whose views they treated with disdain. When we look around the country we can see that all those such as manual workers of the North, the fishermen, and the people who work hard for a decent wage, not having obscenely large salaries paid to them for meaningless jobs in public relations or the media, have voted to take back our country. The parasites who infest the opulent mansions of North London joined forces with so many of the Scots who hate the English, and don’t realise how much worse they would be under a German hegemony, in an attempt to keep us trapped beneath the rule of Juncker and the arrogant pseudo fascists of Brussels.

It has been claimed that the vast majority of the younger generation supported the Remain campaign but, having been at our local count, I know that there was actually no way anyone could know the ages of those who voted. These statements are based on the opinion polls who have once again proved that they are as about as reliable as Mystic Meg on a bad day and it is absurd to make claims about the percentage of young versus old etc based on their meanderings. At the count I was probably one of the oldest of the Leave supporters, some of them looking about twenty. It is about time the opinion polls were laughed out of town. Lord Cooper of Populus assured Cameron at 10 p.m. on Thursday that Remain would win by twenty points! Read more

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