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The Turks will be let in by the back door

MichaelLetter from Michael Jerrom

Poor Penny Mordaunt. She was badly briefed, to give her the benefit of not doubting her intellect. She gave the right answer, but for the wrong reason. The Turks will be let in by the back door, if Mrs Merkel has her way (which seems likely) by giving them immediate visas to travel within the Schengen zone; and , although we are not signed up to Schengen this will heap more pressure on our already inadequate immigration controls UNLESS WE TAKE BACK CONTROL OVER OUR BORDERS. Full membership of the EU will follow , as their intention is to subject VETOS to qualified majority voting in due course.

I and others have noticed that many of the young people we have seen interviewed for their voting preferences, seem to have been brainwashed at what passes for a school into believing that all the democracy, freedom and protection from military conflict is due to the tender mercies of the EU! I remember from my travels behind the iron curtain as a student how only the very brightest Krakow University students questioned what they had been taught at school – namely that the British and Americans had built the Berlin Wall to keep the impoverished and misguided citizens of the West from enjoying the economic and social benefits of the glorious Soviet system! The EU is a failed state, like the third Reich and the Soviet Union and one despairs of the notion that enough people may have accepted such claptrap to prevent us leaving a communist state.

I commend the articles appended, from Simon Heffer and John Longworth for further perusal and dissemination.
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  • Yes Mike, I continue to be disappointed by the Brexit supporters poor grasp of the facts and the quality of the debate! With Pinocchio getting more desperate by the
    day [some ladies on the Breakfast Show wondered when he was going to talk of fire and Brimstone coming down!] and the media mates deliberately not asking the ‘right’ questions, you’d think some of them would have the nous to make capital out of it, but no we continue to be disappointed! Thank God Nigel has got what will have to pass as a debate, with Pinocchio! God bless, Phil