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22nd April 2016



Dear Sir,

I am by instinct pro American, not merely because we share a common language, but because so many aspects of their political and legal system are derived from ours, we have a common respect for democracy, and we fought side by side in the Second World War to defeat the evil represented by the totalitarian regimes of Germany, Italy and Japan. However I am deeply disappointed that their President should see fit to interfere in the EU referendum on the side of those who wish the UK to remain in thrall to Brussels.

Either President Obama is ignorant of the malign effects upon our democracy of the transfer of power from our elected Houses of Commons to the appointees of the European Union or he is deliberately putting the interests of the USA above any concern for the freedom of America’s closest ally. He should wake up to the fact that the ambitions of the EU include creating a single state which will be a rival to the USA and that many continental Europeans, particularly among the ruling elites, regard his nation with hostility. He should beware of getting what he asks for in that he would lose a friend and empower those who bear America ill will.

Yours faithfully,

Article by Alister Heath

Member Michael Jerrom sent in this article by Alister Heath

As usual Alister Heath hits the nail on the head. There is a whole generation out there who have been grossly let down by our state school system. Their parents should not be thinking of what they need – they cannot know. Think instead of the grandchildren and give them a chance –vote leave.

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