Steel industry

What should we do about the steel industry




Whatever the final result of the crisis over the British steel industry it has clearly demonstrated that this country’s future is in dire peril. In order to preserve their personal positions on the EU gravy train our political class is prepared to bend the knee to the dictators of Brussels and allow them to prevent us taking whatever measures are necessary to save this strategic industry. While the Labour and LIberal Democrat parties, because of their insane lust to remain supplicant members of the European Union, and because of their inbuilt pacifism, are quite prepared to see our defences undermined it is doubly sickening to see that the Conservatives, the party which always claims to represent patriotism, allowing short term, financial considerations take precedence over the vital needs of the country.


Without an indigenous steel industry we will be totally reliant on foreign countries for the means to manufacture the heavy military equipment needed in the event of war. Should such an eventuality arise the sources of steel would dry up and we could not make the ships, planes or tanks needed to survive. The spivs of the Tory party would be reduced to throwing financial instruments and other such meaningless rubbish at an invading army and the utter betrayal of the British people would be complete.


Whatever it costs we must save the steel industry if we are to survive in a violent world.



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