After leaving the EU

Trade after leaving the EU

The world’s largest economies in order are:

China, America, Japan, Germany and Britain.

If we were to leave the European Union, there is a very good chance that we could overtake Germany and move into fourth place.

FACT. When Britain leaves the EU, it will become the EU’s largest export market. Larger than the USA. Larger than China.

The UK represented over 12% of all Eurozone exports.
Far from being isolated Britain will be a key trading partner of Europe.


Leaving the EU would allow us to negotiate on our own terms with the rest of the world including the EU.

With our seat back at the World Trade Organisation, free trade agreements with growing economies such as China, India and many others.

Instead of wasting large amounts of money on Foreign AID we could provide the help third world countries need. Mainly helping them to trade and develop. Good for us and good for others.

Nobody ever mentions this particular point.
We are told by some big businesses and the government that the EU is the biggest single market in the world.
But if we were to leave that will not be true. And the EU knows it.

Another point worth mentioning.
If we were to leave the European Union, the UK would be the EU’s single biggest export market larger than America ,China and anywhere else in the world.

Why on earth would the EU not want to do a trade deal with its single biggest export market?

The FEAR GROUP are deliberately misleading people.

The FEAR campaigners keep saying “leaving the EU would be a leap into the dark”.
The Fact is staying in the EU is more of a leap in the Dark.

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