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Phil writer and local UKIP member has two more letters published by local and national papers.

Phil writer ukip memberWhen Nigel Farge warned 18 months ago of the forming of an EU army, Nick Clegg called it a “dangerous fantasy”. Now, as highlighted by Leo McKinstry, we see it’s coming true!

The EU apologists like Clegg, who gets a nice EU pension, just bury their heads in the sand and its about time the GB public and the ‘great pretenders’ in Westminster woke up to what’s really going on under their noses, rather than trying to discredit whistle blowers!

Documents have been drawn up to form an EU army 2,500 strong, that would be able to take control of borders without the consent of the countries concerned. The cost is estimated to be £322 million by 2020.

This is all part of the creeping disease of the EU, to erase all national identity, any independent action and thought and mould us into a single entity! Hitler would have been very proud!

Letter below was printed in the Kent Messenger!

I totally agree with James Willis that we need facts, not fiction about the Referendum on the EU! [ KM 11/12] I could write a book!

Such as Greece being brought to its knees and other countries suffering, because they had the Euro forced on them! About the mass employment helped along by mad EU regulations, more ‘one size fits all’ nonsense! Or the fact we are restricted catching fish in our own seas, with Lowestoft, Grimsby and other fishing areas now struggling!
Then there’s our inability to make decisions for this country, because we have to get approval from 27 other countries who have their own selfish interests and an eye on how much they get from the EU. We lose most EU votes, so much for our ‘voice’ in Europe! Apart from any lack of democracy, with countries made to vote again and again, till they come up with the ‘right’ answer for the EU, surely the lunatic swamping of the EU countries with migrants, causing severe problems, are enough to prove this German run behemoth is going to drag us down, because they won’t ever admit their mistakes! Now they want to add Turkey with 75 million poor people to the mix, the resulting chaos will be yet another disaster!


EU Army Plans

EU Army Plans Allow German Soldiers To Take Control Of Borders Without Consent Of National Governments

Mr. Clegg, among others, have gone quiet with his usual derisory treatment of the EU army warnings in the last few months, as top EU policymakers have elaborated upon their ideas for a pan-European Border and Coast Guard.

Now it looks like the plans are not just formalising, but going further than anyone thought possible, with documents outlining what an EU army would look like, including the ability to take control of national borders without the consent of the government of the nation in question.

Almost 18 months ago, UKIP’s leader, Nigel Farage, warned of the plans for an EU army in a big, pre-European Parliamentary Elections debate with then Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg.Do you remember this. Click here.

Mr. Clegg lost both televised debates in 2014, notably calling Mr. Farage’s warning a “dangerous fantasy”. He said: “The idea there’s going to be a European air force, a European army, it is simply not true. This is a dangerous fantasy… it is not going to happen”.

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