About Us


Helen-Brown_1The Tonbridge and Malling constituency party of UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party) is run by a small committee of volunteers who give of their time and effort to bring about a change in the direction of government to be more towards the interests of the people and away from the vested interest of career politicians and unelected bureaucrats.
Tel. 01732847825 Mobile. 07798 658 668


Paul-SpensleyI retired from Prudential Plc nearly five years ago.
I am passionate about conserving our ever shrinking countryside in Kent , whilst being realistic that we have to find space for our young people and new arrivals to the area from elsewhere.




philBio4I’m a 69 year old retired Electronics Engineer, who has lived in West Malling for 44 years. I have two married daughters working in Banking. I’ve worked helping a number of charities together with my wife Jo, whom I’ve been married to for 48 years.
My interests are reading, writing, politics and playing guitar and singing in bands.
I joined Ukip as it’s the only party standing for Britain and British values!





I live in Cowden nr. Edenbridge and have done so for the past 14 years,
I’m secretary to the Memorial Hall Committee and Area Co-ordinator for Cowden Neighbourhood Watch.
My hobbies include archaeology and ancient history and when I have time and the inspiration, writing and painting.


mart-backI am married with three grown up sons. We have lived in the Judd ward for almost forty years. For the last twenty five years I was involved with Public Health projects for several international companies. My interests include wood working, carving out bowls and Pentesting of websites. Both my wife and I enjoy going to the theatre and visiting National Trust properties around the country.