CBI’s stance over the EU referendum

The business secretary on Monday night criticised the CBI’s stance over the EU referendum , overshadowing the appointment of its new boss, Carolyn Fairbairn.

Carolyn Fairbairn

Sajid Javid made his intervention at a dinner of the employers’ body, which has mounted a high-profile campaign to see Britain remain in the EU.

The government, which is calling an in-out referendum on continued membership of the EU, wants to negotiate changes with its European partners. Javid said the CBI had been showing a commitment to remaining part of the EU even without these reforms.

“You know how negotiation works. You wouldn’t sit down at the start of a merger or acquisition and, like a poker player showing his hand to the table, announce exactly what terms you were prepared to accept,” said Javid. “It doesn’t work in the boardroom and it won’t work in Brussels.”

His remarks were reported just hours after the CBI announced that Fairbairn, a former head of strategy at the BBC and ITV, would be its new director general.

Fairbairn, 54, will replace John Cridland – who has led the CBI since January 2011 – in November. She will be the first woman to lead the organisation, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year.

It was already clear that one of Fairbairn’s main tasks will be to shape the CBI’s stance for the coming EU referendum.

Cridland and Sir Michael Rake, the CBI president, have supported Britain remaining in the EU but have been criticised for representing the view of big companies over smaller businesses.

Ahead of Javid’s speech, the CBI said Fairbairn supported its advocacy of Britain remaining in a reformed EU. The CBI’s members voted eight to two in favour of the position two years ago, but some big companies, including JCB, have taken a more hostile line on membership.

An excellent article by Ross Clark Express

An excellent, spot on, article by Ross Clark on the terrorist threat to Britain! Express 30/06


We are truly ‘lions led by donkeys’, as the people in charge show they are not only not fit for office, but are a danger to us all.

They have been determined to turn the Middle East into a ‘basket case’, full of youngsters who see no way out other than to join a terrorist cause! It could already be too late to stop the rise of IS after the damage done by ignorant and stupid politicians! Those who sow the wind, reap the whirlwind! Now they spout the usual nonsense, platitudes and unenforceable threats, in the vain hope of covering their tracks and calming the public’s justified fears!

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